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Voter-Approved Charter Grants Council $50,000 Pay Raise

On Feb. 5 the City Council voted unanimously to increase its salaries as allowed by the recently enacted City Charter. The previous salaries for the council equaled, $1,722.38 per month, or just under $21,000 per year. Council salaries now total $77,500 a year—a $56,500 raise.

Additionally, the Mayor receives a 10 percent “differential for the performance of Mayoral duties” putting the total Mayoral salary at $85,250. These salaries include a $700 a month car allowance and $900 annual phone allowance.

In a separate discussion at the March 5 meeting, the Council voted down proposed pay increases for the City Clerk and City Treasurer.

Carson Accountability & Transparency will continue to document and highlight any other changes to the city as a result of the Charter.


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