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Support Carson Accountability & Transparency

Carson Accountability & Transparency has thousands of supporters who live and work in our City.

Since launching in 2017, CAT has worked to provide the community with more insightful information regarding current happenings in our City. Our bi-monthly newspaper and council updates help to maintain that the residents of Carson continue to be aware of how our tax money and resources are being allocated.

The Carson Observer is the only free, impartial publication devoted to the City of Carson.

By joining as a member of CAT and contributing in support of our efforts, you’re ensuring that CAT continues to be a valuable resource for you by:

  • Advocating for a more transparent city government that works for all of us.

  • Holding our elected officials accountable and ensure that the city's public servants are supporting the needs of residents and businesses in Carson.

  • Proactively seeking and obtaining public information on issues affecting you.

  • Continuing to frequently communicate with our supporters and all interested persons through our website, emails, print materials, phone and person-to-person contacts.

  • Taking on your causes and amplifying your voices.

  • Speaking up at public meetings and other public forums when given the opportunity to voice our support and/or concerns for issues that affect those who live and work in our community.

  • Writing letters of support and/or concern to government officials when appropriate.

  • Providing regular email alerts and updates on issues we are tracking. 

  • Delivering a physical newspaper and online newsletter to keep you updated and informed.

  • Hosting FREE valuable, informational workshops that help you get empowered to take action in our City.

How Do I Support CAT?

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Just $5 helps ensure that Carson Accountability & Transparency continues our mission to promote effective, honest, accountable local government practices.

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