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Council Meeting Recap: Feb 20, 2024

All council members were present for the Tuesday, Feb 20, City Council meeting. Open session started at 6:00 p.m. and ended at 8:00 p.m. Here's what you missed:

After payments of major City projects, General Fund surplus to-date has around $28 million according to mid-year financial report presentation.

The City held its comprehensive mid-year fiscal update for the 2023-2024 budget, where City officials clarified that the City’s surplus, initially at $79 million, has $28 million remaining for the rest of the fiscal year. The council’s decision to allocate $26 million on Dec 19 for the 157-acre outlet mall economic development agreement made up over half of the $51 million mid-year withdrawal.

“In that $79 million, now to date we are down to $28 million. And the reason for that is because of numerous projects that the Mayor and Council have approved” City’s Finance Director, William Jefferson explained, “One of them is $26 million for the 157-acres for the mall. $8 million is for the street pavement. We have another $8 million, that was for 22-23 continual appropriations. We have $5.5 million for the [security] cameras that were put in the park. And we have various other amendments that were given for the use of the surplus. So as of today, I just want to emphasize that we have $79 million surplus, but as year to date we're down to $28 million. That's only because of the projects you guys have approved.”

The surplus only paints a portion of the picture that is the City’s General Fund balance. As per the Finance Director’s presentation, the General Fund Balance sits at $222.9 million, a colossal jump from the previous year’s $107.9 million. The $79 million surplus is considered ‘unrestricted funds’ which the City Council can tap into. The General Fund also consists of $143.9 million ‘restricted funds’ comprised of $86 million Oil Tax currently in litigation, $27 million this year’s C.I.P. projects, $24 million as a 20% Reserve Policy for economic uncertainties, and $5 million in self-insurance.

The mid-year financial review also shed light on the City’s revenues and expenditures. So far, the City has collected $43.6 million, or 36% of the budgeted $121.9 million, with Sales Tax contributing the most. According to Mr. Williams, “The biggest component of our sales tax was Lakeshore Learning Materials, the Amazon fulfillment center, and Kia Carson; those were our three biggest revenue sources for sales tax.”

Expenditures were set at approximately $120 million when the budget was adopted, but after revisions were made, the expenditures increased to $134 million. To-date, $50.7 million or 38% of the expenditures budget has been used.

The Council unanimously passed the mid-year report along with three budget requests:

  1. $4 million decrease in Oil Tax Measure C Projections.

  2. $2.7 million for the Community Development Department to pay Transtech invoices for increased building and safety permit processing.

  3. $55,000 for two Public Safety Engagement Officers full-time-equivalent positions.

Five Vote Centers Open in Carson for Primary Election. As the primary election approaches, residents of the City of Carson can rest assured that their voices will be heard with the availability of five vote centers. With Election Day slated for March 5th, these centers offer convenient locations for citizens to exercise their right to vote, either on election day or earlier.

City Clerk, Dr. Khaleah Bradshaw listed the locations of the five designated vote centers:

  • The Carson Event Center, East Activity Room – Early Voting: Mar 2 – 4, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Foisia Park, Gym – Early Voting: Mar 2 – 4, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Stephenson Park, Community Room – Early Voting: Mar 2 – 4, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Anderson Park, both the classroom and multi-purpose room – Early Voting: Mar 2 – 4, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

  • Carriage Crest Park, Activities Room – Very Early Voting: Feb 24 – Mar 4, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

On Election Day, the centers will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., providing ample time for voters to cast their ballots. Dr. Bradshaw explained that voters who are in line by the designated closing time will still be served, in accordance with the law.

Maximum amount given to applicants of Neighborhood Pride Program increases. The council approved updates to the Neighborhood Pride Program, key of which was increasing the maximum program grant or loan amount for single-family detached units to $30,000; $20,000 for mobile homes. Currently the maximum amount offered are $20,000 for single family detached units and $15,000 for mobile homes, respectively. The new guidelines also increase the grant amount to 20% of the total budget.

The Neighborhood Pride Program (NPP) is designed to assist low- and moderate-income owners of single-family detached dwellings and mobile homes with the preservation of decent, safe and sanitary housing. The NPP corrects hazardous structural conditions, makes improvements considered necessary to eliminate blight, promotes the construction of healthy, sustainable and resource-efficient housing, improves disabled access, and corrects building, and health and safety code violations. For more information on the Neighborhood Pride Program visit:


City Parks Scoreboard Replacement Project Declared Complete. City staff has successfully completed the installation of 15 new PanaView Multi-Sport scoreboards just in time for the kick off of youth baseball and softball seasons. These new scoreboards can be seen at all parks with baseball diamonds, including Calas Park, Carson Park, Del Amo Park, Dolphin Park, Dominguez Park, Foisia Park, Hemingway Park, Stevenson Park, and Veterans Park. Director of Community Services, Michael Whittiker along with Public Works Director Dr. Arlington Rodgers, Jr explained the extra perks of the scoreboards, “We also have the extra controls that we have for them with a remote so we don't have to have people stand directly at the scoreboards. They're all have Bluetooth installed. So we're moving up!”

Not just the scoreboards but the individual fields will be getting upgrades as well. According to City officials, the City plans to aerate and laser level all the fields before the season starts.

However, Whittiker did warn that two scoreboards at Del Amo and Stephenson Parks are still being worked on due to rain over the past couple of months.


Update on City Council policy mandates how councilmembers should stand during photos. The City Council voted 4-1 to update and emphasize a City policy that Councilmembers should stand in a certain order, matching how they sit on the dais, whenever a professional photo or video is taken of the group. As per the policy, “For any photography or videography of the City Council, each member of the City Council shall stand in the same order of his or her seating assignment on the dais. In the event any member of the City Council is absent, the Mayor shall occupy the middle/primary space. If the Mayor is absent, the Mayor Pro Tem. shall occupy the middle/primary space.”


*The meeting has been adjourned to Wednesday, March 5th. The Tuesday March 4th City Council meeting has been canceled.



  • Black History Month Celebration - Friday, 2/23/2024, 6:30 PM, Carson Event Center


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