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The L.A. County Election System is Changing: What Does that Mean for 2020?

The County of Los Angeles, along with several other counties in the state, have altered the way elections are held in order to increase voter participation by making the process more easily accessible and convenient.

Starting with the March 2020 primary election, L.A. County voters will utilize a new, more advanced voting system that includes allowing voters to go to any vote center in the county from Feb. 22 to March 3 to drop off their ballot. Previously voters needed to drop off their ballot at an assigned polling place on Election Day.

It is important for as many voters to participate in the new system as L.A. County is a testing ground to replace an outdated system used by the entire country since 1968.

CAT will be holding workshops detailing how to vote with the new system in the upcoming elections.


Where Do I Vote?

  • No more traditional assigned polling place. Residents can vote at ANY of the 1000 voting centers across the county. Residents can give input as to where these centers will be located.

  • Voting at these centers begins Feb. 22, 2020.

  • A list of over 2000 potential (and rejected) voting sites can be seen at

How Will I Vote Now?

  • Ink blotting punch cards will be replaced with advanced tablets called Ballot Marking Devices (BMD’s). Voters will be able to change the language, font size and color contrast of the ballot. BMD’s can also read the text out-loud for those who have trouble reading.

  • A smartphone app will be available where voters can input their vote before visiting a voting center and scan a QR code at a BMD to save time. After the ballot has been received the tablet will print out a hard copy which gets delivered to the ballot box. Voters can still choose to vote by mail if they so please.


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