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Council Meeting Recap: Nov 15, 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

All council members were present for the Tuesday, Nov. 15 City Council meeting. Open session started at 6:42 p.m. and ended at 9:17 p.m. Here's what you missed:

Preliminary 2022 Election results sees the passage of Measure R and the re-election of all incumbents. While votes are still being counted for the 2022 General Election, many if not all of the local races in the City of Carson are already showing clear leaders. Councilmember and incumbent Arleen Rojas in in the lead to be re-elected for a full four-year term in district 4 with 62% of the vote and Councilmember Jim Dear who previously was an at-large elected official will seemingly lock his spot as the 2nd district representative with 69%. Incumbent City Treasurer Monica Cooper and incumbent City Clerk Khaleah Bradshaw are set to win their four year terms to their respective posts. But the biggest winner with the most vote-getters was Measure R having to-date 78.49% votes in support. Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes rejoiced at the news, "Raise our hands! [...] 78% voters in the City of Carson voted to pass Measure R, the highest percent ever." Mayor Pro Tem Jawane Hilton thanked City staff and local unions for volunteering their time after work to knock on doors and inform the public of Measure R and the election. Election results will be certified by Dec. 6th regular city council meeting and a swearing in ceremony will be held a week later on Tuesday. Dec. 13.

Senator Stephen Bradford recaps accomplishments during 2022 legislative session. Senator Stephen Bradford representing California's 35th Senate District recapped his accomplishments for this year's legislative session including the passage of 8 state-wide measures which he authored and securing millions in funding for his district.

Senator Bradford's measures which were recently signed into law by Governor Newsom are as follows:

  • SB 1262: Returns public court record access to the status quo by allowing businesses to search and filter by date of birth and driver’s license number information when conducting a background check. Vetoed by the Governor.

  • SB 1317: Eliminates the requirement that secondhand dealers and coin dealers report personally identifying information regarding the seller or pledger of secondhand goods to the DOJ database, and instead requires that this information to be kept confidential and on file and available upon request by law enforcement.

  • SB 1334: Requires the University of California and other public sector healthcare employers to provide workers the same meal break and rest periods that the private sector currently enjoys.

  • SB 1348: Removes offenses involving controlled substances from the list of crimes requiring automatic license denial under escrow laws administered by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

  • SB 1371: Requires the Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to increase the pay scale for those working while incarcerated over a five-year period. Vetoed by Governor.

  • SB 1396: Authorizes the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation to evaluate the impact of a state program that allows tenants in assisted living the option of having their rental payments reported to a consumer-reporting agency.

  • SB 1469: Authorizes water utilities to utilize a ratemaking process referred to as decoupling to encourage water conservation.

  • SB 1476: Authorizes the Water Replenishment District to provide flexibility for the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, and professional services. The bill also streamlines the execution of contracts.

In addition to his successful legislation passage, Senator Bradford was also successful in securing critical and significant funding through the budget process:

  • $40 Million for the Restoration of the Allensworth State Historic Park. According to Senator Bradford Allensworth was a flourishing town which was founded in 1908 and run by African Americans. However, the town was decimated by racists acts with Bradford calling the prejudice acts "Bruce's Beach on steroids."

  • $12 Million for the repair of the Artesia Bridge in Compton.

  • $5.2 Million for the Angels for Sight Program to increase services to disadvantaged populations who are experiencing vision health disparities and inequities.

  • $7 Million for the Inner City Youth Orchestra in funding to provide youth with opportunities to learn and perform music. Senator Bradford touts this as the most diverse youth orchestra in the entire nation.

  • $5.2 Million in funding to promote entrepreneurship and small business creation/expansion in the underserved communities of Los Angeles.

  • $2 Million in funding for the City of Gardena for the revitalization of Gardena Boulevard.

City’s Public Safety Department urges residents to report all coyote sightings immediately. A presentation from the City’s Public Safety Department revealed a surge in recent coyote activity and summarized the City’s Coyote Management Plan which relies heavily on participation from residents. According to Public Safety Manager Ken McKay, 82 accounts of Coyote sightings have been reported in two hotspot areas in the City since May, 2022. These urban coyote’s can habitat in a 10 square mile area where there is an available food or water source says McKay advising residents not to feed wildlife. With Coyote sightings on the rise, McKay listed three way City residents can reduce Coyote attractants and deter a wild canine from showing up in your backyard:

  1. Eliminate any food source. Don’t overflow trash cans and make sure pets are safely inside.

  2. Eliminate any water source. Detach water hoses and clean up any standing water.

  3. Eliminate any shelter source. Cut high-standing bushes.

As per the presentation, the City’s Coyote Management Plan focuses heavily on the education and awareness of residents and the strategic mapping of all reported sightings within the City and State. McKay added that for the plan to work it is imperative for residents to report any sightings in detail to the Public Safety Department at (310) 952-1788. The City can work alongside the State to track hotspots. More information can be found on the City website:

The council made the following Proclamations:

  • Supporting LA vs HATE - United Against Hate Week Initiative.



  • Country Western Fair: Nov. 19, 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. @ Dominguez Park

  • Thanksgiving Break Mini Camp: Nov. 21 - 25 for ages 5-12, Monday - Wednesday and Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Tree Lighting Ceremony: Dec. 1, 6 p.m., at the Carson Event Center Atrium

  • Follow the Flow - A Stormwater Projects Tour: Dec. 3, 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., 1001 Stadium Way, Inglewood.


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