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Council Meeting Recap: Jan 3, 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

All council members were present for the Tuesday, Jan. 3 City Council meeting. Open session started at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 7:06 p.m. Here's what you missed

Council sides with Newsom, announcing support for passage of price gouging penalty on oil companies. The council approved sending a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom’s office to declare the backing of SB 2, the Oil Industry Price Gouging Penalty/Windfall Profits Tax. Governor Newsom called a special legislative session in December where he and Senator Nancy Skinnner introduced initial language outlining a proposal which seeks to punish oil refinery companies based off profit margins and expand government oversight of oil businesses. Along with expressing support for the governor's vision, the letter also requests adding language to the bill to protect taxes/fees already established by local municipalities to protect the City's Oil Industry Business License Tax (Measure C). Measure C was passed in 2017 charging local refineries ¼ of 1% of gross receipts. For fiscal year 2022-2023, Measure C generated $4,200,000 or 5% of the City’s general fund revenue for that year.

City introduces new ordinance establishing non-consensual towing services on a rotational basis. The council introduced and adopted a new chapter to the municipal code requiring franchise agreements with tow companies to allow non-consensual towing services on a rotational basis through the Franchise Tow Service Program (FTSP). While the introduction ordinance does not implement any fees, the City will seek to collect franchise fees through the program. Assistant City Manager Robert Lennox points out that fees can be established either through each individual agreement or by adoption of a fee schedule via resolution later in the year. These franchise fees will be paid in addition to any other taxes or charges. Each Franchise Agreement will reference all program regulations, terms, and conditions, including but not limited to, those which shall govern storage of vehicles once vehicles are towed, franchise fees, the term of the Franchise, termination and suspension rights and obligations, and Franchisee’s insurance and indemnity obligations. Current franchise tow agreements are set to expire end of February 28, 2023.

City awarded over $70,000 through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The council accepted $70,866.08 of funding from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalEOS) to help cover the costs associated with updating the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. However, since the City applied for the grant in March 2021, almost a year ago, the new cost estimates to update the 2013 hazard mitigation plan increased by almost $10,000, to a total of $99,833. City staff will ask for an increase of the approved grant funding amount through a grant application amendment.



  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute - Friday, Jan 13, 6:30 p.m., at the Carson Event Center

  • City of Carson 55th Anniversary Celebration Community Planning Meetings. Volunteers needed - Every third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

  • City of Carson 55th Anniversary Gala Ball - Feb 25, at the Carson Event Center

  • City of Carson 55th Anniversary Street Fair - Jul 29, on Carson Street

  • City of Carson 55th Anniversary Tour De Carson - Aug 12


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