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City of Carson to Build Playground for Children with all Abilities

In July, the Carson City Council unanimously approved the construction of an “all abilities playground” at Dolphin Park. The design provides various stimulating structures that appeal to a wider range of users of differing ages with varying physical, cognitive, and social-emotional abilities, encouraging assimilation.

“I hope that this project will encourage all children, regardless of their abilities, to spend quality time at this park as the equipment is designed to unite children of all abilities,” said Mayor Albert Robles in a statement. “The City does not presently have a playground with equipment that children with differing disabilities can access and enjoy. This project is possible thanks to Marathon Petroleum Corporation, the $1.25 million grant received from them will fill this gap in our park amenities.”

Construction of the playground is expected to be completed by April 2020. The playground equipment will consist of swing and ground level play structures. For more information about the features of this playground, please call City of Carson Recreation and Human Services at (310) 847-3570.

Rendering of the all abilities playground/ From City of Carson press release


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