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What is Going on with the Wilmington Exit off the 405?

In 2006 the city council and then-mayor Jim Dear approved a contract with Parsons Contractor to prepare plans to improve the Wilmington Avenue Interchange off the 405 Freeway. Thirteen years later the project is still not complete, and local businesses continue to face disruptions, while costs to the city rise. Multiple changes to the original contract have added more than $700,000 to the original $1.8 million contract.

Additionally, construction of the project itself was estimated at $25 million, but the last time this project was before the council in 2017, an additional $5 million was approved by the council to cover construction delays and change orders.

Overall, this project has been before the city council at least 20 different times with two current members of the city council, Dear and Davis-Holmes, having voted at least 10 times on the project, labeled Project #919. The page on the city’s website for capital Improvements lists no updates or proposed project end time.


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