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Carson Protests Police Brutality

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Following the death of George Floyd, people in cities across the nation protested police brutality and called for the removal of law enforcement officers who do not uphold their proper civic duties to protect and serve.

Capt. Jason Skeen speaking to protesters on June 6.

The City of Carson held its own protest Sat., June 6. All council members were in attendance and the event remained peaceful.

Captain Jason Skeen of the L.A County Sheriff ’s Department reported a total of 49 protests took place throughout Los Angeles County that weekend.

At a council meeting following Floyd’s death, the Carson City council expressed frustration with the incident and the unrest that followed. Echoing those sentiments was Captain Skeen who reassured Carson residents that our police department does not condone the actions of the Minneapolis officers.

“There is a reverence for human life, regardless of whether someone is a suspect or not,” said Captain Skeen at the June 2 council meeting. “None of what you saw [in the video] was consistent with what the Los Angeles county sheriff ’s department trains our deputies to do.”

Captain Skeen also mentioned that he was reaching out to local organizations prior to the protest to ensure their safety and that the day’s events remained peaceful.

Officers were present the day of the protest, however, none participated directly, maintaining a level of professionalism.


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