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Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Council District 1

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Albert Robles

Mayor/Constitutional Attorney

Albert Robles.jpg


During this unprecedented time, we need the best qualified Mayor. Only one candidate has the education and experience to continue to move Carson forward.


Since 2016, Carson is better because of Mayor Robles :

  • Improved resident services

  • On-time balanced budgets and fiscal stability

  • More quality restaurants, stores and high-end developments

  • Safer than ever streets with lowest crime and greater environmental protections


Fact is, Carson is better positioned for the pandemic and future because of his leadership. Albert deserves to be re-elected Mayor - he's earned it. Ask your neighbors, drive around and notice the difference that Carson is better since Robles was elected Mayor in 2016!

Albert grew-up in Carson; played baseball, basketball and football at our local parks; and, attended local schools (Carson Street Elementary, Stephen M. White Junior High and Narbonne High)

Bachelor's Degree - University of Colorado (First in family to attend college)
Master's Degree  - USC (Merit Scholarship Recipient)
Juris Doctorate Degree - University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Graduated with honors)

United States Congressional Fellow in Washington, D.C.
Director of agency protecting our groundwater
Manager at Fortune 500 Company
Community College Professor
Constitutional Attorney
Carson Businessman
Carson Mayor


Ana Meni

Buyer/Union Representative

Ana Meni.jpg

Carson has become as broken as the streets that we drive on and sidewalks we trip over.

Carson has been led into ineffective governance, failed projects, lawsuits, labor unfair practice charges, and lack of affordable housing.

Carson needs NEW and FRESH LEADERSHIP with in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the City that can respect the differences of opinions but has the ability to resolve issues.

Carson needs an INDEPENDENT THINKER that will fight for the best interest of the entire City, not instigate fights with each other.

Carson needs a representative that is PART of the COMMUNITY, not just make an appearance at events.

My experience working for the City of Carson over 24 years and representing the City of Carson employees of AFSCME Local 809 as President, has prepared me for this role.

I'm a lifelong resident from the Patch and 1st generation American whose family emigrated from Western Samoa in the 1970's. We were raised that we were blessed with our talents to serve God and to serve our community. My work for the City of Carson and the Union is my service.

Carson needs PUBLIC SERVANTS to lead our City, not career politicians. I humbly ask for your vote as your next Mayor.

Jim Dear

Carson Councilman/Teacher

Jim Dear.jpg

Carson Councilman / Mayor Pro Tem / Teacher

Dear Neighbor,

It would be an honor to again serve the people of Carson as your Mayor. I love Carson and I want to help our city navigate through these challenging times. I am a lifelong civil rights advocate, and have a proven track record of accomplishments for Carson. My leadership brought us in a new direction, with honest government, transparency, accountability and compassion, all with unprecedented growth and positive development that created jobs, balanced budgets, increased revenue, and most importantly big improvements in public safety for all of us. I hope to continue my tradition of service to Carson with your vote in this election.

Together let's improve:

  • Public health

  • Public safety

  • Youth service

  • The quality of life of families, children and senior citizens

  • Our economy

  • Protection for Mobilehome residents

I am honored to be supported by educators, law enforcement, nurses, firefighters, city commissioners, environmentalists, business people, organized labor and numerous Carson residents. Please join me in making Carson a better place to live and work.

I want to learn your concerns about how we can improve our city. Please contact me at 310-328-6212 or

God bless,
Jim Dear

Carson Mayor 2004-2015
City Councilmember 2001-2004, 2018-present

Lula Davis-Holmes


Lula Davis-Holmes.jpg

Lula Davis Holmes - Councilmember / Recreation Superintendent (retired)
Bachelor of Sociology, Master's in Public Administration

The people of Carson inspire me to go the extra mile to improve the quality of life for all in our city. Over the past 47 years I have raised my family in Carson. We love this city. I refuse to allow COVID-19, drugs or poor leadership to disadvantage Carson residents.

I have fought successfully to provide:

  • Over 4,000 free meals to our families

  • Established small business funding to preserve jobs

  • Built affordable housing for families, seniors and veterans

  • Passed a rent control ordinance protecting our families

Working with my fellow councilmembers, we've completed:

  • The Avalon and 405 Freeway interchange and Carson corridor

  • Renovated Carson Park and Community Center

  • Prohibited marijuana dispensaries

  • Eliminated non-residential R.V. parking

  • Stabilized city finances


All without raising your taxes!


As your Mayor, I believe we can accomplish much more and fill the voids that have restricted our efforts to protect our residents from:

  • Inappropriate oil drilling

  • An infestation of professional drug dealers

  • The dilution and suppression of your vote with districts.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you over the past 13 years. Please, vote for me, for Mayor.

Charles Thomas

Attorney/College Professor


CHARLES THOMAS is a proud resident of the great CITY OF CARSON. He attended Los Angeles Unified School District and is a first-generation college student. He earned his bachelors and law degrees from UC Berkeley and his Masters of Business Administration from USC.

Charles Thomas is a tenured educator and PROUD UNION MEMBER at California State University, Dominguez Hills in business law. He serves as a leader on campus, championing the rights of DACA recipients, first-generation college students, environmental sustainability, as well as students with housing and food insecurity. Charles Thomas was elected as the Chair of the Academic Senate and as President of the Dominguez Hills Village Community Association Board.

As a licensed attorney he has served CARSON for multiple terms as a Planning Commissioner, where he consistently fought for affordable housing, lower density development and smart growth.

Charles Thomas is running to fight for the INNOVATION and CHANGE that CARSON DESERVES. His professional, educational, and leadership experience will help him fight for neighborhood safety, resources for small business development, greater transparency and community inclusion to ensure that all residents feel that their VOICE IS HEARD.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT and let's ELECT CHARLES THOMAS to the City Council - District

Learn more about CHARLES THOMAS here: and Thomas4Council on Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram

Elito M. Santarina



No candidate statement provided.

Jawane Hilton

Carson Councilmember / Pastor

Jawane Hilton.jpg

Jawane Hilton is a Pastor, school co-founder, and Businessman who is committed to bringing people together to get things done.

As our Councilmember, Jawane has accomplished the following:

  • Brought in new affordable & market rate housing.

  • Improved emergency response times to keep families safe.

  • Built affordable housing for seniors & veterans.

  • Expanded services that improve our parks and neighborhoods.

  • Created COVID-19 "Ready to Go" free meals program

  • Recruited new businesses and restaurants to Carson.

  • Created after-school program in Scottsdale


Jawane was born and raised in Carson and helped to start a church and school right here in our city. His long record of community involvement includes having served as a member of both Carson's Public Safety and Human Relations Commissions and working as an advocate for at-risk youth.

"As your Councilmember, he will continue to work hard every day to improve and protect Carson's quality of life. He will bring in new tax generating businesses to rebuild city reserve funds post COVID-19, and fight for expanded senior programs. I hope to earn your vote so that we can continue to move our city forward."

Councilman Jawane Hilton - (310) 740-9363 or visit

Vincent Kim

Attorney at Law

Vincent Kim.jpg

Moved to the United States from South Korea with my parents in 1975. Earned my B.A. in History from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and my J.D. from the University of La Verne College of Law in the San Fernando Valley.

Community Activities Active in community support:
Charter president, Zone and Region chair of Lions International Club 4L-3
honored for Korean-American Foundation Committee work
served on Church Board for many years
supported a number of entrepreneurial ventures
participated law related organizations as a licensed attorney

Vision for Carson
Economic growth, job creation, fostering a family-friendly environment where people enjoy living, working, and raising their families.

I am committed to:

  • Education - The best public schools in Los Angeles County

  • Security - The lowest crime rate in Los Angeles County

  • Supporting small businesses and attracting new restaurants and shops so Carson can grow and create jobs; and

  • Expanding stakeholders' input to include the Carson Chamber of Commerce and community members


In unity, there is strength. Together, let's build bridges to a better community which we can all enjoy.

A Good Carson Today, a Great Carson Tomorrow!

Brandi Williams-Murdock


Brandi Williams-Murdock.jpg

Do we REALLY want change? We continuously reiterate the need for versatility within the city, however our Council remains the same. We need to move past the political infighting to focus on providing our residentswith the highest quality of public services. Moving to districts, we must focus on our area and claim the resources we need, while working together to create a better future for Carson as a whole.

Brandi's priorities:

  • Safer communities and clean air;

  • Education;

  • Focus on business and finishing city projects that are started and left abandoned;

  • Concentrate on innovation placing our city at the forefront of technology; and

  • Provide easier access for community involvement (because let's face it, we are all busy).


As someone who has taught in our local public schools, Brandi sees value in working to generate resources for parents during these uncertain times. Education is paramount and we need to place emphasis back on our schools. She has the privilege of raising her children in the same home right here in Carson, Brandi grew up in, so she's familiar with the needs of our city.


Brandi is your ANSWER FOR CHANGE, a TRUSTED LEADER who will fight for US.

Vote for BRANDI!

Cedric L. Hicks, Sr.


Cedric L. Hicks, Sr..jpg

AGE: 58
OCCUPATION: Council Member

It has been an honor and a privilege to have been your Councilmember for the City of Carson for the last 4-years and as your Councilmember, there have been several major improvements to the City of Carson. The completion of the Wilmington Ave. and 405 freeway ramps, completion of (3) affordable housing projections: Senior Housing, Veterans Housing, & Artist Housing.

As some of you may know I have been a resident of the City of Carson for 25-years and a past City employee as the Parks and Recreation Director. I hold a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management fellows' program. I want to continue being your voice to get trees trimmed, streets repaired, and to keep our community safe.

My wife and I have raised (3) children and the City of Carson is our Home. My vision for Carson is for all residents to reach their full potential through education, business, recreation and wellness. If you have any concerns you can reach me at (310) 864-9874.

I am committed to:

  • Education - The best public schools in Los Angeles County

  • Security - The lowest crime rate in Los Angeles County

  • Supporting small businesses and attracting new restaurants and shops so Carson can grow and create jobs; and

  • Expanding stakeholders' input to include the Carson Chamber of Commerce and community members


My motto: Make It Happen!


I am respectfully seeking your support to Re-ELECT me to the office of City Council. Please cast your VOTE for Cedric L. Hicks, Sr., on November 3, 2020.

Daniel Valdez

Children's Safety Advocate


No candidate statement provided.

Albert Robles
Ana Meni
Jim Dear
Lula Davis-Holmes
Charles Thomas
Elito M. Santarina
Jawane Hilton
Vincent Kim
Brandi Williams-Murdock
Cedric L. Hicks, Sr.
Daniel Valdez
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