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Carson Officials Again Deny Public Records Request

From October 2018

The City of Carson could be divided into council districts, pursuant to a threatened lawsuit under the California
Voting Rights Act (CVRA).

In June, the City retained a demographer to analyze the city’s exposure to CVRA requirements, and potentially how the city could comply. Carson Accountability & Transparency (CAT) then submitted a public records request for all records and writings pertaining to the city’s demographic report. CAT only received a proposal submitted by the demographer, and not the report itself.

In the response, officials cited several exemptions to the California Public Records Act. The letter
outlining the reasoning is available below.

This is the latest in a string of denied requests for key city records. CAT has previously been denied requests for information related to the city’s polling on the city charter proposal, now on the ballot, as well as for records related to the city’s selection of a new waste hauler.

In both the waste hauling and voting rights cases, the city faces potentially costly legal action. Withholding relevant documents from public review in these matters is deeply concerning and CAT intends to continue pursuing information in the public interest. 

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