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Measure K

Carson voters will decide on a new sales tax this November. The tax, referred to the ballot on a 4-1 vote of the City Council at the Aug. 4 meeting, would add a city sales tax of 0.75% (3/4 of one cent) to the current 9.5% rate, bringing the sales tax in the Carson to 10.25%. 

Carson would have a sales tax equal to the neighboring City of Long Beach. 

One reason for this sales tax measure is to safeguard the 0.75% increment for the City of Carson to use toward public safety and/or infrastructure needs. 

Approval of this measure would ensure other government agencies could not enact a sales tax increase impacting Carson and take the 0.75% increase for themselves as the current sales tax cap is 10.25%. 

The tax was originally introduced as a “Sales-blocking” tax, meaning it would only go into effect if the County of Los Angeles or another local agency attempted to impose higher taxes on current residents. After a discussion on the City’s budget needs, as well as advice given by staff including the City Attorney, Councilmember Lula Davis-Holmes motioned to change the measure to an immediate sales tax increase and introduce it to voters this November. 

The motion passed 4-1 with Mayor Al Robles voting against the tax proposal. City staff projects this new tax increase would generate nearly $12 million in its first year for various needs in the city.

For More Information

The impartial analysis developed by the City Attorney , and the argument against from Mayor Al Robles are viewable below

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