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Osmond "Oz" Buendia

Business Owner


I am Osmond "Oz" Buendia and I am running to be your next City Councilmember. 

I was born at St. Mary's Hospital and have been a Carson resident for 46 years. I grew up here. I played little league as a kid. I attended Dominguez Elementary,Bonita Elementary, Carnegie Junior High and Carson High, Class of 1989. I love Carson very much and want to make it the best it can be. 

For 30 years, I ran a successful business with my partners, Legend Entertainment, an entertainment promotions company. We provided music entertainment for weddings, birthdays, debuts, quinceñeras, etc. Today I own Legend Autosport, an automotive accessories company; and proudly provide care for my 95-year-old grandfather. 

As your Councilmember, I will put residents first. Our neighborhoods are neglected. Our city must fix broken sidewalks, trim overgrown trees, and pave crumbling streets. Our city should provide the best customer service to all residents. I want to give back to our hometown and provide the best quality of life for our youth, families and seniors. 

As a proud son of Carson, I want to serve as your voice for positive change on the City Council. 

I respectfully ask for your vote. 

Lula Davis-Holmes

Councilmember/ Retired Superintendent


My husband and I have lived in Carson for 45 years. As your elected official, I have worked to improve the quality of life for families by expanding community services, approving community development projects and maintaining fiscal accountability. 


  • Public Safety

  • development, local hiring and small businesses Affordable housing and Mobile- Home Park issues

  • Development of 169 Acre site

  • Supporting residents in Carousel Housing Track Oppose Charter City Initiative

  • Support ballot initiative prohibiting commercial cultivation/manufacturing of marijuana

Under my leadership:

  • Movie theater and new restaurants opened

  • Low income, senior and veteran housing developed Carson Street Corridor completed

  • First- time homeowner program revised

  • Renovation of Carson Park and Community Center

  • Minimum wage increased to $10. 77. In -home care providers to $15.00 Project Labor Agreements implemented

  • Fireworks ordinance increased vendor fees and reduced operating hours Oil code updated preventing drilling within 750 ft. of homes

  • RV ordinance prohibiting public street parking except in front of owner's home

  • Measure C, tax on oil refineries FRACKING prohibited

  • Revised Mobile home park rent increase guidelines

As your councilwoman, I have demonstrated my ability to make tough decisions. I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th. 

Education:Bachelor's Degree     Sociology

 Master's Degree - Public Administration

Jim Dear

Educator/ Notary Public


It would be an honor to again be your public servant. I love Carson and I am the best qualified person to work for you on the city council. As a Carson homeowner myself, I appreciate how important it is for experienced leaders like myself to have a positive vision, and the knowledge to make it happen for all of Carson. Together we can make our city even better. 

I am honored to be supported by educators, police officers, nurses, city commissioners, business and labor leaders, and many Carson residents. 

Accomplishments / Goals as a Carson elected official include:

  • Maintained strong public safety and senior services during the worst economic crisis in generations.

  • Authored Carson "Code of Ethics".

  • Authored lobbyist registration ordinance.

  • Brought many new restaurants and cinemas to Carson, with more to come.

  • Created very successful "Park Enforcement Team".

  • Your leader for development of new shopping centers and quality housing.

  • Improve public safety, senior and youth services.

  • Bring back ethical, transparent city government and mobile-home resident protection.

  • Enhance the quality of life for families and children.

  • Better management of taxpayers' dollars.

  • Strengthen economic development / bring more jobs

My door is always open. Please call: (310) 328-6212, or  


Jim Dear 

Louie Diaz

Labor Representative/ Boardmember


As a resident of Carson for over thirty years, my wife and I chose to live in Carson because of its schools, neighborhoods, and community atmosphere. 

As a parent of three children and grandfather of five children, l have always been an advocate for safe neighborhoods which is why I support, and will strive to expand, the Sheriffs Department's policing efforts, and l will fight to maintain funding for youth and senior programs. 

As a former Carson City Planning Commissioner, I understand the importance of supporting existing businesses, and promoting new businesses, that are compatible with the land use and zoning ordinances. I will work hard to support local businesses by encouraging residents to spend locally, and will create policies focused on Carson's financial growth and sustainability. 

After gaining experience by serving over twenty years on various boards and committees, I am running for City Council to improve the quality of life of Carson residents. I believe in a transparent and responsible local government, and will serve with Honesty, Integrity, and a Commitment to be your voice. 

Respectfully, I ask for your vote to build a Stronger Carson for our Present, and our Future. 

Sharma Henderson

Nonprofit Executive/Educator

Sharma Henderson.jpeg

I am honored to run for Carson City Council. My primary purpose is to implement policy improvements that will enhance the lives of residents, create positive working environments for city employees, and increase community among our visitors and neighbors. 

My key issues are:

- safety and policing - particularly in neighborhoods with heightened criminal activity,

- balancing the city's budget while retaining accessibility to services for low-income families, and,

- ensuring that every act of City Council leads to the betterment of the city.

Local government should be reflective of and receptive to all of the people it serves, transparent, open to all, and accountable to its taxpayers (residents, businesses, and visitors). My goal is to ensure that the City of Carson meets these standards and more! 

I have over 20 years experience in nonprofit and community advocacy work. I have 2 Bachelors and a Masters from USC, as well as a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. I have been an active volunteer in Carson for over a decade and regularly engage with local government on behalf of our community. I absolutely love our city and respectfully ask for your vote and partnership.

Nafis Muhammad

Disaster Service Worker

Nafis Muhammad.png

I am a public safety officer, CERT member, and involved citizen of Carson. I graduated, recently, from Stanford University OHS and I am currently studying Public Policy and Finance at Loyola Marymount University. 

I am running to build an incident aware community, prepared to act in cases of public emergency; to increase educational opportunities and occupational experiences, particularly among high school students; and to see Carson's tradition merged with an unprecedented, fresh ingenuity. 

As a public safety officer for the past three years, I been shown, through eyes of Long Beach Search & Rescue, FEMA, and McCormick Ambulance Co., the working knowledge of the public safety system and the need for public understanding and the ability to respond adequately in emergency situations. 

Improvements to the community's knowledge of public safety as a system is important to me; which led me to write legislative bill text in Sacramento for the State Senate aimed at creating curriculum to educate citizens on matters of public safety 

As an individual who held over half a dozen professional licenses by the age of 18, I'm a strong candidate for promoting professional and educational development among youth. 

Please vote Nafis Muhammad for Carson City Council!

Lori Noflin

President, Community Organization

Lori Noflin.jpg

 I've been a part of this community since 1960; I grew up in South Carson and now live in North Carson with my husband David of 31 years.  We co-founded Connected in 2010 both are located in Carson.


In 2010, Carson Connected was founded to assist the residents of Carson on issues that affect our city.  Among the issues fighting against 200 earthquake-causing oil wells from being drilled on the New Port/Inglewood fault.   To date those wells have not entered the ground. 


My focus is and has been putting the residents of CARSON FIRST, as a volunteer I:

-          Rallied and assisted the residents in getting rid of an unqualified city manager

-          Exposed election code violations, and voter suppression tactics and much more


I received various awards for my work here in Carson among them are: The City of Carson and The City of Long Beach Certificate of Recognition and The City of Carson Human Relations Certificate of Honor.  You can view some of my work at, feel free to contact me at or 310 885-5860


As your council member some of the issues I will work on:

-          Clean and Fair Government

-          Corporations paying their fair share

-          Working to Unite not divide our communities

Ramona "Mona" Pimentel

Businesswoman/Carson Commissioner


My name is Ramona Pimentel. I am proud to live in Carson. However, we still have work to do to make Carson better for all of us. 

I will champion policies that improve accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility and ethics while fighting against those that allow favoritism. We all deserve Carson to be the best it can be and fulfill our motto, "Future Unlimited." 

My husband Ray (retired from ILWU #26) and I raised our children here - Raymond and Alene. Our kids went to local schools and played at our parks. I volunteered as an assistant coach, PTA member, and community activist. I will continue to work to make our neighborhoods safe and to improve our city. 

It was an honor to be recently named "Woman of the Year"' by Assemblyman Mike Gipson at the State Capitol in recognition of my dedication to Carson. 

As Chairwoman of the Carson Planning Commission, I share responsibility for approving and directing the future economic development of the City. This experience, coupled with raising my family and grandchildren in Carson, and my success as a local small businesswoman, have prepared me to serve as Carson's next Councilmember. 

Please vote Ramona Pimentel for Carson City Council. 

Elito M. Santarina


Elito Santarina.jpg

As a beloved teacher at Carson High School, he educated thousands of Carson children, and inspired them to contribute to Carson's betterment. It's no surprise that as a Councilmember Elito M. Santarina is highly regarded and recognized as an effective and trusted leader. 

FACTS about Elito M. Santarina:

  • Advocates for fiscal responsibility - helped restore Carson's financial stability without raising taxes on Carson residents!

  • Promotes responsible economic development - secured more restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops and many more amenities than ever before!

  • Fights for transparency and accountability ensures Carson residents are continuously informed via community forums throughout the City, live broadcasts of Council meetings and the quarterly distribution of the Carson Report that details all the community happenings throughout Carson.

  • Supporter of public safety - worked with the Carson Sheriffs Station and initiated the very popular SFAN Program (Safety First, Act Now)

  • that improved public safety throughout the City as statistics show Carson is now safer than ever before.

  • Environmental defender of residents' health - fought to secure 50 air quality monitoring devices to scientifically track Carson's air pollution.

As a champion of Senior Citizens and youth programs throughout Carson Councilmember Elito M. Santarina deserves our vote!!

Thank You.

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