Vera Robles DeWitt

Occupation: Director, Water Replenishment District of So CA
Office Seeking: City Clerk
Vera DeWittPHOTO.jpg


Please highlight your community involvement, including any previous appointments or elected offices held, volunteer work or other leadership positions. How have these roles prepared you to lead the City of Carson as Council Member?


Elected to Carson City Council; served 10 years as Mayor/Councilmember.  Appointed/elected to Water Replenishment District of So CA, 3 yrs.

  • Spent my adult life working in election related fields.

  • Worked as a Polling Inspector for the LA Co. Registrar’s Office.

  • Spent many years involved with Southwest Voter Registration and Education Projects.

  • Led Initiative Campaign to stop swap meets from coming to Carson.

  • Led Referendum fighting an illegal trash contract.

  • Led the successful recall of a censured, incompetent, racist City Clerk.

  • My proudest moment, however, was leading a successful lawsuit forcing Carson to stop violating the California Voting Rights Act ensuring all neighborhoods in Carson get an equal voice at the table. 


I’ve served in a leadership position in the following organizations providing me with a wealth of experience and knowledge:

  • Founding President and Board member of the Carson Boys and Girls Club.    

  • Executive Board member of the So. County Labor Federation (AFLCIO).

  • Founding Board member of the Dominguez Family Shelter.

  • Founding Board member of Carson Community Foundation.

  • Former Board member of Carson Chamber of Commerce.


I am not supported by any Councilmember and that’s a good thing.  It shows my independence and promotes the separation of powers.


What does Transparency mean to you, and how will you ensure Carson’s city government is accountable to its residents?


Transparency is lacking in Carson governance.  The Clerk is the official record keeper responsible for information to the public.  Many complaints are that it takes months to obtain any information.  Timely responses to the public will be improved.  For example a few months ago the City Council settled and paid out almost a million dollars in a Jim Dear lawsuit.  No one knows about this.

City Clerk is the official record keeper.  I will serve as the watchful-eye for the community and be a back-stop to any shenanigans by the Council.  I’m known for standing up for “truth to power”.


What does Transparency mean to you, and how will you ensure Carson’s city government is accountable to its residents?


The City Clerk position is not a legislative position and is responsible for his/her department budget.  However, the City received a one time Federal grant in the millions for Covid relief so it was easy to balance the budget.  The Passport Program was popular and financially self-supporting,making money for the City, however both Dear and Davis-Holmes voted to end the program.  Is this really fiscally sound?  I spoke alongside former Clerk Donesia Gause Aldana to protect this program but it fell on deaf ears.  Where were my opponents?


What specific policies will you advocate that will benefit the residents of Carson?


  • Transparency in the City Clerks Office is a high priority along with having an election officer familiar with California’s election laws.

  • Protect voting rights of all eligible voters and ensure no one is turned away from the polls when trying to cast a vote.  Instead the individual should be given the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot.

  • Improve the communications from the Clerk’s office by hosting quarterly town hall meetings; initiate a Clerk’s newsletter and work on having the website “user friendly”.


We get the government we vote for.  If the voters want a professional, experienced and competent individual as a City Clerk, then vote for Vera Robles DeWitt.  I am the candidate with a proven track record of success in fighting for our constitutional rights.  If the voters want an inexperienced, incompetent friend of those is power, then vote for my opponent.

If we have 1 or 2 incompetent councilmembers it’s OK because the other 3 councilmembers will save us, but we only have one city clerk.  Let’s vote for the most qualified.  My website is and email is .