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City Considering OpenGov Software to Help Residents Understand City Finances

What is the City of Carson spending on public safety? How much does it spend on salaries and benefits? What are Carson’s largest sources of revenue?

These and other questions could be at your fingertips if the city partners with OpenGov, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that helps visualize cities’ budget information and seeks to bring visibility, openness and accountability to cities’ financial operations.

Several local cities utilize OpenGov, including Torrance, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Long Beach. Other cities also use similar services from other providers.

OpenGov recently acquired a company called Peak Democracy which specializes in reaching out to community members and gathering feedback as part of citizen engagement strategies. These and other services could be included in a prospective contract with OpenGov.

In February, CAT Board member Sai Momoli invited OpenGov to the City’s Technology Commission. That presentation was made with councilmembers Jawane Hilton and Elito Santarina both present.


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